Danielle Mattox
Review of VerizonBusiness

2 years ago

I don t normally do this, but this place disappoin...

I don t normally do this, but this place disappointed me greatly. I went in and was looking for someone to help me with the shopping process. One man said We ll be with you in a few minutes. and I replied with Not a problem, go for it. As someone who has worked in retail for three years, I understand people get busy. But they weren t busy AT ALL!

There was three people in the whole store. I patiently waited until 15 minutes go by. Just standing there waiting. Turns out, the employees had more interest in someone looking at phone cases and trying to decide which one looks better than someone who was going to purchase a phone and start a plan with them. Bottom line: I left unhappily, felt like my time was wasted, and customer service SUCKS!!!! I ll go elsewhere.


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