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How online testimonials may benefit your business

Direct advertising can tell your prospects a story of your brand, but it scarcely encourages them to buy your products and services. When shopping online, clients cannot evaluate your product or pay a visit to your office. They base their purchase decision on other consumers' recommendations. Clients who share their experience online make a considerable contribution to brands' audience boost. Both positive and negative viewpoints are crucial for businesses as they help to reveal bottlenecks and have the upper hand.

Why create the Trustburn business page

When it comes to making a buying decision (especially for big purchases), people want to rely on the clean opinions of seasoned consumers. The first thing that usually springs to mind is to check the company's corporate site. But let us be realistic, no brand will ever post negative reviews on their website. Of course, you may search through social media or question your acquaintances. However, it is time-consuming, and hardly anyone wants to do that. The chances are a prospect will switch to another brand that boasts many reviews collected in one place.

At Trustburn, we publish thousands of reviews daily. We pride ourselves on helping millions of consumers worldwide to make the right purchasing decisions. On top of that, Trustburn is a valuable source for businesses that want to manage their online reputation and turn prospects into paying clients.

Create your company's page on Trustburn and leverage the community's power to develop your business. Make it simple for your clients to leave reviews about your products or services. You have to be open to your prospects to attract more visitors to your site and skyrocket conversion. Let people speak on your brand, making it sought-after. Reviews give better results than advertising while not requiring much spendings.

Use Trustburn to communicate with your target audience - comment on reviews, take clients' suggestions and remarks seriously, not ignore negative feedback, and encourage positive ones. Carry on a dialogue with your audience to ensure the next time your prospects will search for your brand reviews, they will easily find them on Trustburn.

How to encourage clients to write reviews about your brand

The process of submitting a testimonial should be straightforward and time-efficient. Fortunately, with Trustburn, it's easier than ever:

  • Place a link to the Trustburn page on your site or social media profile. You can post a link along with the published reviews. It will boost clients' motivation to share their experiences.

  • As soon as the deal is made, ask a client whether he/she is happy with everything and encourage them to leave a comment about their experience on Trustburn.

  • You can also encourage your clients to write reviews by offering them small discounts. Thanks to word of mouth, this initiative will pay off very soon.

  • Send an email with a feedback request in 2-3 days after the deal to give a client enough time to evaluate your product or service. The term may vary depending on the type of products/services you offer.

  • Respond to negative reviews first. If the encountered problem cannot be resolved, offer an unhappy client compensation or a discount on the next order.

  • Share reviews on your company via your site, social media accounts, emails, etc. Make sure they're seen to your target audience.

  • Make sure your clients get the most out of their customer experience by providing them with the best quality/price ratio and unmatched service. They will be glad to share their positive experiences publicly.

Improve your online reputation with Trustburn

You can customize your company profile within the Free package. However, the full range of the required tools for your business is available only in the Business package and covers:

  • Invite customer reviews
  • Claim review
  • Spam guard
  • Protection from fake reviews
  • Fastest support
  • Advanced profile customization

This complex of tools will help you protect your page from fake reviews and make it useful for potential clients. Apply our Lead Generation tool to increase your customer base and push up sales. We spare no effort to ensure you and your clients can make the most of Trustburn from a desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Boost your sales with Trustburn! Get ahead of your competitors!

Encourage your clients to share their experience

People take online testimonials as their friends' recommendations. With Trustburn, finding and submitting a review as easy as chat with a buddy.
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Reviews bring new clients to your site

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