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They have helped me immensely during a hard time c...

They have helped me immensely during a hard time coming to terms with my diagnoses and sudden onset of tonic-clonic seizures on a semi regular basis. I started feeling more myself after seeing a therapist at Epilepsy Toronto, and that was a huge relief. I definitely recommend reaching out to them if you're having a hard time dealing with having epilepsy.

3 years ago

Epilepsy Toronto has helped me through a lot of my...

Epilepsy Toronto has helped me through a lot of my years dealing with my Epilepsy, through councilling with my councillor Rosalee who I thank very dearly for all her help an support in understanding an helping me with my epilepsy... Thank you Rosalee.

3 years ago

How can you give a 4-5 star review to Toronto Epil...

How can you give a 4-5 star review to Toronto Epilepsy when my very first phone call to them is they are blaming my Epilepsy as the reason for my anger about being constantly discriminated against even strapped down like an animal in a Hospital emergency when I only have to deal with a mild case that is controlled by medication that the Insurances refuse to pay for and audit me to cause harassment because I do not want to choose a cheaper medicine and I am further harassed by the pharmacy.

3 years ago

They were no help in the world. I had a year long ...

They were no help in the world. I had a year long court case with them because they wouldn't do their jobs and help with employment. They are suppose to help people with epilepsy get employment. Instead, they wouldn't assist me with employment and I have no record to this very day. Then they took a person with epilepsy to the courts because they wouldn't do their jobs accordingly and assist with employment. Not a very good agency. If anybody was aware of how uncaring and unhelpful they are, nobody would support epilepsy toronto.

About Epilepsy Toronto

Epilepsy Toronto: Empowering People with Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by recurrent seizures, which can range from mild to severe and can have a significant impact on an individual's quality of life. Epilepsy Toronto is a non-profit organization that aims to support people living with epilepsy and their families in the Greater Toronto Area.

Founded in 1956, Epilepsy Toronto has been providing education, advocacy, and support services to individuals affected by epilepsy for over six decades. The organization envisions a world where epilepsy is widely understood, and those who live with it feel fully supported.


One of the primary goals of Epilepsy Toronto is to educate the public about epilepsy. The organization offers various educational programs for schools, workplaces, and community groups to raise awareness about the condition. These programs aim to dispel myths surrounding epilepsy while promoting understanding and acceptance.

In addition to these programs, Epilepsy Toronto also provides information resources on its website. These resources include fact sheets on different types of seizures, treatment options for epilepsy, and tips for managing seizures at home or in public places.


Epilepsy Toronto advocates for the rights of people living with epilepsy at all levels of government. The organization works closely with policymakers to ensure that individuals affected by epilepsy have access to appropriate healthcare services and accommodations in schools or workplaces.

The advocacy efforts also extend beyond government institutions as they work towards reducing stigma associated with this condition through media campaigns aimed at raising awareness about this neurological disorder.

Support Services

Living with epilepsy can be challenging both physically as well as emotionally; therefore it's essential that individuals receive adequate support throughout their journey. That's where Epilepsy Toronto comes into play; they offer various support services designed specifically for those living with this condition:

1) Support Groups: They provide peer-to-peer support groups where individuals can share their experiences while learning from others who are going through similar situations.
2) Counseling Services: They offer counseling services provided by licensed professionals trained in dealing specifically with issues related to epileptic patients.
3) Information & Referral Services: They provide information regarding available resources such as financial assistance or legal aid if required.
4) Youth Programs: They offer youth-specific programming designed specifically around helping young adults navigate life challenges associated with having epileptic conditions.


In conclusion,Epilespy toronto has been serving communities since 1956 providing education ,advocacy,and supportive services .Their mission statement "Envisioning a world where epliepsies are widely understood" shows how committed they are towards spreading awareness about epliepsies.They have made great strides towards achieving their goal through educational programmes ,advocacy efforts,and supportive service offerings.Every year thousands benefit from these initiatives making them one-of-a-kind organizations dedicated solely towards supporting those affected by epliepsies.If you're looking for help navigating your journey through Epliepsies,Epleipsy toronto should be your first stop!